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Features — web tools we've added to make it even easier for you to use!

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Data Explorer feature

RDFa: the semantic web, enabled

"RDFa is a component of the W3C Semantic Web initiative aimed at turning the existing human-visible text and links into machine-readable data without repeating content" (view the video Primer). Hint - copy your Search Results URL into an RDFa enabled tool like OpenLink's Data Explorer.

Microfomat feature

Expose the Microformats

"Microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards."
Using the OPERATOR toolbar in Firefox you can expose these bits of Contact (hCard) and Location (geo) information.

Zotero citation tool

Doing research? Manage your citations with Zotero

"The next-generation research tool - your own personal research assistant inside your browser. See it. Save it. Sort it. Search it. Cite it. Goodbye 3x5 cards, hello Zotero." Citation Management using unAPI + zotero serves up standard metadata records in MODS or Dublin Core and works where you do.


Metadata export options

Try out our metadata export

Get creative - go ahead and reuse/mash up the metadata output. It's available in your choice of MODS (mods), Dublin Core (dc) or RDF (rdf) - and more formats are coming.



Very useful!




Google Earth

View results in Google Earth

It's easy to view your search results in Google Earth, plotted in real time and space. KML files show you where on earth are your results?


Make "" into "Your Search" in the browser bar

The autodiscoverable Search Engine plug-in works in most modern browsers - Now you can have a direct browser-bar search.



Gov Docs search widget

Get a Gov Docs widget to go...

Our Ontario also provides a Search Widget for the Ontario Government Documents. Copy and paste the search widget for the Gov Docs site from here. Copy the code provided and you'll be able to drop this scoped search widget into your institutional website, blog or any other social space.

Search widget

Copy & paste a little bit of code

Take the Search Widget with you. Grab the search widget for the Our Ontario site from here. "Copy" the code provided and you'll be able to "paste" the search widget into your institutional website, blog or any social space.